Market potential

Significant medical need

Foxy-5 is initially targeted at colon cancer which is a cancer with a growing number of patients with few new pharmaceuticals in development.

The pharmaceutical market for the treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC) amounts to approximately USD 8.5 billion and is expected to grow to at least USD 11 billion by 2025.


Foxy-5’s primary target group is high-risk patients with stage II / III colon cancer. Surgery and subsequent chemotherapy (FOLFOX) have been standard treatment for 15 years and there are few new pharmaceuticals in development for this group of patients.

There is therefore a great medical need to inhibit the spread of cancer cells to prevent the onset of metastases.

In colon cancer, Foxy-5 is targeting a relatively undeveloped market with a continuing high medical need.

Approximately half of all cases of colon cancer are diagnosed at stage II / III and approximately half of these patients develop metastases. New targeted therapies have not succeeded in showing effect in Foxy-5’s patient group but are today approved for treatment in stage IV (metastatic disease), which drives most of the sales in colon cancer.


Foxy-5 is a drug candidate that is considered to be unique with its particular mechanism of action in a disease area where other drugs or treatment concepts are lacking. As an agonist, Foxy-5 primarily activates β-catenin-independent signalling via WNT5A which makes the drug candidate unique.

Other WNT projects in development act as antagonists, i.e. the other variant of the WNT signalling is called β-catenin dependent, which is primarily linked to tumour transformation and tumour growth.


At present, approximately 1.1 million new cases of colon cancer are diagnosed globally, of which almost 300,000 are patients with stage II / III colon cancer, in which WntResearch primarily evaluates Foxy-5. Based on epidemiology (spread of disease) in the seven largest markets, North America, the EU (incl. UK) and Japan and the number of high-risk patients who are expected to benefit most from treatment with Foxy-5, a market share of 65,000 patients is assessed to be achieved. The sales potential for Foxy-5 in stage II / III colon cancer is estimated to USD 500 million in the seven largest geographic markets.


In the longer term, it is possible to evaluate Foxy-5 in additional patient groups in colon cancer, including patients with metastases, and other cancer indications such as prostate and breast cancer where Foxy-5 in preclinical studies has shown very promising results in inhibiting and preventing metastasis.