Biovica has developed an innovative biomarker assay (DiviTum®), that quickly and cumulatively can predict treatment response in cancer therapy by analyzing a non-invasive blood sample. The DiviTum® analysis is used as an exploratory biomarker to assess the possible effect of a Foxy-5 treatment, and to establish the connection between low WNT5A levels in the primary tumour and increased treatment efficacy.

WntResearch has entered into an agreement with Biovica International AB for the development of a biomarker for Foxy-5 for the Phase 2 study. The purpose of the collaboration is to develop a so-called companion diagnostic, a diagnostic test linked to Foxy-5. With this type of test, Biovica and WntResearch see the possibility of offering an accurate and individualized treatment with Foxy-5. The background to the collaboration is that several studies have shown that the enzyme thymidine kinase (TK) is strongly correlated to aggressive tumour disease. To investigate whether there is a connection between TK, Wnt-5a and recurrence of cancer, TK will be determined in the Phase 2 study in patients with colon cancer.