Business concept and strategies

WntResearch is a biotech company whose focus is to develop new drugs that increase cancer survival by inhibiting the spread of metastases.
The company’s main drug candidate is Foxy-5.

Cancer patients should no longer have to go through metastases.

WntResearch’s mission is to counteract the metastatic process by developing and providing new cancer therapies.


Development company
WntResearch is a pharmaceutical drug development company. The company itself does not generate any revenue during the development period but invests available funds for possible future earnings on its drug candidates, primarily Foxy-5.

Focus on Foxy-5
The company will focus on continued development and clinical studies of the main drug candidate Foxy-5.
Continued development of the drug candidate Box-5 and the development of new drug candidates will be paused.

The company’s continued patent strategy is primarily based on further broadening patent protection for Foxy-5 based on a new manufacturing method and from data generated in the NeoFox study.

Business development
The company will increase the opportunity for partnerships by increasing awareness of Foxy-5 among treating clinics and commercial stakeholders.

The company has a small organization for greater cost efficiency where specialist competencies such as CROs are contracted.

Clinical trial Phase 2 study NeoFox
WntResearch aims to return to full study activity and optimize patient recruitment for the NeoFox study at the company 28 clinics in Spain and Hungary in the summer of 2021. Prior to that, the study protocol will be further developed to maximize information collection and to optimize the inclusion of patients.

Additional study drug will be manufactured as the shelf life of existing stock will expire as the study is delayed due to Covid-19. A new and more cost-effective manufacturing method of the active substance (API) for Foxy-5 will be developed. Upscaling and validation of the manufacture of finished drug (drug product) will take place.

An interim analysis of study data is estimated in December 2022. The purpose of the analysis is to obtain indicative data on the potential for Foxy-5 to prevent disease recurrence and to provide information on how many patients need to be included in total to be able to achieve the primary objective of the study.

The method of manufacturing of the active substance (API) will be further developed and validated before scaling up cost-effective production of finished drug (drug product).

The company will continuously evaluate future capital needs. Funding carried out from the warrant program TO 2020/2021 has provided about 7.5 MSEK net in cash. The fully guaranteed rights issue is estimated to add approximately SEK 46 million in net cash. In total, the supply of liquidity are judged to secure the NeoFox study until the end of 2022, when the interim analysis will be carried out. The funds will also finance the ongoing development of a new manufacturing process, patent applications, administration, and business development.