Business concept and strategies

WntResearch is a biotech company whose focus is to develop new drugs that increase cancer survival by inhibiting the spread of metastases.
The company’s main drug candidate is Foxy-5.

Cancer patients should no longer have to go through metastases.

WntResearch’s mission is to counteract the metastatic process by developing and providing new cancer therapies.


Development company
WntResearch is a pharmaceutical drug development company. The company itself does not generate any revenue during the development period but invests available funds for possible future earnings on its drug candidates, primarily Foxy-5.

Focus on Foxy-5
The company will focus on continued development and clinical studies of the main drug candidate Foxy-5.
Continued development of the drug candidate Box-5 and the development of new drug candidates will be paused.

The company’s continued patent strategy is primarily based on further broadening patent protection for Foxy-5 based on a new manufacturing method and from data generated in the NeoFox study.

Business development
The company is to develop a clear clinical development plan for market registration in colorectal cancer stage III, and additionally explore the potential for Foxy-5 to be used in other cancer diseases – creating the best possible conditions for a partnership or licensing arrangement for Foxy-5.

The company has a small organization for greater cost efficiency where specialist competencies such as CROs are contracted.

Clinical trial Phase 2 study NeoFox
In light of the reported unexpectedly rapid positive observations with Foxy-5, the study plan for the phase 2 study NeoFox has been revised. The change involves introducing new outcome measures, resulting in a significantly shorter time to results in the study.

The company will continuously evaluate its future capital needs.