WntResearch has its origins in research at Lund University

WntResearch was founded by Professor Tommy Andersson and his research group at Lund University, together with Forskarpatent i Syd AB and Kjell Stenberg, with the aim of developing innovations about the protein WNT5A and its role in cancer and commercializing the group’s research.

The company currently has a pharmaceutical project; Foxy-5. In preclinical trials, Foxy-5 has been shown to reduce the mobility of tumor cells and counteract metastasis. In Phase 1 clinical trials, Foxy-5 has shown biological activity and has a favorable pharmacokinetics and safety profile. The company has an ongoing phase 2 study with Foxy-5 in colon cancer. The company is working to ensure that the research will result in clinical use of the drug candidate Foxy-5 against tumor spread. WntResearch was listed on Spotlight Stockmarket in 2010.