WntResearch is based on research from Lund University

WntResearch was founded by Professor Tommy Andersson and his research group at Lund University, together with “Forskarpatent i Syd AB” and Kjell Stenberg, to develop innovations based on the WNT5A protein and its role in cancer and to commercialize the group’s research.

The company is currently conducting two drug development projects: Foxy-5 and Box-5. In pre-clinical trials, both Foxy-5 and Box-5 have demonstrated ability to suppress the mobility of cancer cells, and to inhibit metastasis. Clinical phase 1 studies have demonstrated biological activity, and Foxy-5 has shown to have favourable pharmacokinetics and safety profile. The company recently initiated a phase 2 study with Foxy-5. Box-5 is still in the pre-clinical phase. WntResearch is working to translate the research into clinical use of the Company’s novel drug to counteract tumour spread. WntResearch was listed on the Spotlight Stockmarket in 2009.