Peter Ström, board member

Board member since 2015. Chairman of the Board during 2015-2018 and acting Chairman during the period 220215-220428. Peter holds a Master of Business Administration with extensive experience from leading international positions within KabiVitrum, KabiPharmacia, Pharmacia & Upjohn and IMS Health Inc. Board member of Stockholm Corporate Finance, Vicore Pharma Holding, Dentosystem Scandinavia, WntResearch Incentive and alternate member of Comtax Support and Comtax Holding. Previously involved in Active Biotech, Oasmia, P.U.L.S. and LIDDS, among others.

Other assignments: Board member Dentosystem Scandinavia AB and Stockholm
Corporate Finance AB. Alternate Board Memberi Comtax Aktiebolag, Comtax Holding AB and Comtax
Support Aktiebolag.

Shareholdings: 515 100 shares, 135 550 warrants series TO 5 and 257 550 warrants series TO 6.