Gudrun Anstrén, Chairman of the board

Board member since 2018 and Chairman of the board since 2020 with the excemption of the period Feb 15 2022 – ASpr 29 2022. . Pharmacist with over 35 years of experience from marketing companies in the pharmaceutical industry in global positions, including Organon, ICI-Pharma, Zeneca and AstraZeneca, as well as consulting for small biotech companies. Gudrun has been active in all aspects of drug development, which includes leading a number of global projects from the pre-clinical phase up to phase 3. She has operated in the approval phase during launch and in several different disease areas (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neuroscience, oncology and asthma). Gudrun has held a number of senior positions within AstraZeneca, which in recent years has entailed a strategic global responsibility for formulation development of cardiovascular and diabetes products in all phases from target identification to established products in the market. Previous positions and experiences important mentioning is membership of Zeneca’s management team with medical, clinical and regulatory responsibilities including responsibility for interactions with authorities. Gudrun has been chairman of the Association for Clinical Trials in Apotekar-societeten and a member of LIF’s Committee for Clinical Research.