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Peter Ström, född 1952, är sedan juni 2015 styrelseordförande i WntResearch. Ström är civilekonom och har många års erfarenhet från ledande internationella befattningar inom KabiVitrum, KabiPharmacia, PharmaciaUpjohn och ImsHealth Inc. Andra styrelseuppdrag är Vicore Pharma, Dentosystem, Comtax och Stockholm Corporate Finance. Tidigare uppdrag inkluderar Active Biotech, Oasmia, P.U.L.S och LIDDS.

Appointed Professor in Experimental Pathology at the Medical Faculty, Lund University in 1996. Published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers on intracellular signaling, cell adhesion and migration. Co-founder of WntResearch in 2007 and has since held the position as CSO in the company. Tommy Andersson is inventor on the three patent families that form the basis for WntResearch. Previously, Tommy Andersson held an assistant professorship from the Swedish Research Council to work together with Professor Olle Stendahl at Linköping University and subsequently he obtained an independent associate professorship in cell biology at Linköping University until 1996 when recruited to Lund University. Professor Andersson’s research group has for many years obtained financial support from the Swedish Cancer Foundation and the Swedish Research Council as well as from numerous other foundations.


CEO in UB-consulting AB, Uppsala, Sweden. Mr. Björklund is M.Sc. in Pharmacy with more than 30 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry, which ranges from pharmaceutical discovery and development of new drugs to diagnostics - from research trough to marketing. Prior engagements include CEO of Aprea (oncology) and CEO of OxyPharma (autoimmune diseases). Before that he held several positions within Pharmacia covering clinical research in many therapeutic areas of which the majority of the time in managerial positions. Mr. Björklund has experience in managing partner collaborations, financing and dealing with regulatory authorities in Europe and US. Mr. Björklund is currently Chairman in Lipum AB and board member in TikoMed AB and Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB.

CEO Stenberg Investment, Stockholm, Sweden. Mr. Stenberg studied Business Administration at Stockholm University during the 1970-ties (unfinished education). He has been an active investor and executive in real estates since 1970 and still owns and manages several real estate properties (mainly apartment buildings). In addition, Mr. Stenberg has been the founder of a number of companies, among others Cad.esthetics AB and Denzir Production AB and (dental companies). He has also initiated (or been a part of) the Initial Public Offerings for several companies including; Raysearch Laboratories AB (radiation therapy), Panaxia AB and Panalarm AB(security), Followit AB (mobile communication and positioning systems), Taurus energy AB (ethanol production), Kindwalls bil AB (car trading), CRO A + Science AB (primarily offering clinical development services for pharmaceuticals in phase I-IV). Mr Stenberg is presently a board member and a share holder of several companies in the area of life sciences, including; Medical Vision AB (develops and constructs medical devices that increase visualization during Endoscopic surgery), Mintage Scientific AB (a holding company), WntResearch AB, Vicor Pharma AB (developing drugs targeting the AT2 receptors) as well as the previously mentioned Cad.esthetics AB and Denzir Production AB.